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Video is one of the most important mediums for communicating our brand both internally and externally. It is important that video reinforces the elements of our brand, and gives the viewer an experience that is consistent with other touchpoints. To achieve these goals, we have specific guidelines for creating on-brand video. 

All videos use black and white footage, backgrounds and type. Pacing is upbeat and energetic, with pauses for emphasis, or contrast. We only use the horizontal logo lockup in video, and the symbol is often used as an animated graphic. The triangle and crescent shapes of the symbol can resize, move about the frame, fade in and out, and multiply and break into smaller particles. The shapes can also be used to hold type. Typography is GT Walsheim, regular and bold weights, sentence case and left-aligned. DXC Yellow may be used to highlight information on screen.

NOTE: The assets related to this topic are not available to download from this external site. Contact your DXC representative, who will be happy to help you.


Typography is GT Walsheim Pro, regular and bold weights. Use only black type on white backgrounds, or white type on black backgrounds.

Headlines use sentence case and may be left-aligned (preferred) or centered, depending on content. Lower third animations use title case for names, titles, locations, etc. When type is on the frame’s right side, it is still left-aligned.

Pay attention to the right-side rag. It should be lively with no overly long or short lines. Avoid widows. 

  • DON’T use all caps 
  • DON’T apply color to type 
  • DON’T stretch, distort or alter type 
  • DON’T use special effects on type 
  • DON’T right-align type 
  • DON’T use the entire frame width for text 
  • DON’T track type too tight or too loose. 


Headline with lengthy text

1-line name

2-line name and title

3-line, title and entity

Lower third captions can also originate from the frame's right side, depending on the content.


Can we use color in video?

Yes, but in a very limited way. You may use DXC Yellow, our primary accent color, as a call to action or to highlight content in the video.

You may not use color footage. We use black and white footage in videos to match our photographic style. If you have existing color video, it should be converted to black and white.

  • Use only black or white backgrounds and type
  • To add color highlights to visualizations such as charts or graphs, refer to the Data Visualization section on the brand site for guidance.

Graphics animations

Minimal use of graphics: Segment bumper

1. Opening frame

2. Symbol’s triangles move into the frame from top and bottom until points touch

3. Symbol’s triangles grow and white negative shapes move into the frame 

4. Type begins to appear within the symbol’s crescent

5. Type is fully visible and pauses

6. Type begins to disappear; the symbol’s crescent grows out of the frame

7. Symbol’s triangle moves back into the frame from top and bottom

8. Closing frame

Multiple elements together: Opening animation

1. Triangles and crescents move in from the edges and rotate clockwise

2. Symbol is revealed

3. Background turns black, white triangles and crescents move in from the edges

4. Symbol rotates clockwise and splits apart. The shapes go off-frame

Multiple freeform elements: Interstitial swipes

1. Solid white symbol is centered in the frame

2. Triangle and crescent shapes enlarge and move toward the frame edges. A group of tiny white particles appears in the center.

3. The particles organize into an arrow that moves right as it grows in size

4. The particles scatter, then retreat to the left side and off-frame. A large right-facing triangle appears center-frame.

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