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The DXC Technology logo is the visual expression of our brand. The logo consists of a distinct symbol supported by a descriptive wordmark. Together, they serve as the DXC logo and unifying element across all touchpoints.

Versions & formats

Our brand logo exists in a variety of file formats to cover all reproduction needs. The primary horizontal version should be our default signature on brand communications whenever possible. Never alter the spacing, relative size or orientation of the logo. Only use approved electronic artwork, and don’t redraw the signature or attempt to separate its components.

The DXC vertical (stacked) logo is reserved only for extreme vertical landscapes that can’t accommodate the horizontal orientation. The vertical (stacked) logo shown here is intended for use only in print or web materials.

If you require a vertical logo for exterior signage purposes, please reach out to your brand manager for guidance.    

Primary horizontal lockup


Primary reverse horizontal lockup 


Vertical (stacked) lockup

Reverse vertical (stacked) lockup

Clear space & minimum size

Clear space is the area surrounding a logo that is kept free of other graphics, partner identities and typography. It plays an essential role in ensuring the DXC logo is easy to recognize in all communications.

The minimum amount of clear space around both of our logo lockups must equal the width of the crescent shape in the symbol. Whenever possible, even more clear space is preferred.

The DXC logo must be sized large enough to be legible in every application. The minimum sizes for both of our logos are shown below. Whenever possible, the logo should appear larger than the minimum size.

Media tests are recommended for specialized reproduction methods, such as silk screening, engraving and embroidery, as specific adjustments to the artwork may be necessary.    

Clear space for horizontal lockup


Minimum size
Print: 1.1875" (30mm) wide
Desktop: 86px wide
Mobile: 170px wide


Clear space for vertical (stacked) lockup

Minimum size
Print: 0.75" (19mm) wide
Desktop: 54px wide
Mobile: 100px wide

Symbol & wordmark

The DXC symbol and wordmark are available as separate assets, in both black and white. Each has its own clear space and minimum size rules. These assets should only be used in special situations, such as on stationery, premium items and signage.

Please reach out to your brand manager for help if you have any questions.

Black symbol


White symbol


Clear space for symbol



Minimum size
Print: 0.1875" (5mm) wide
Desktop: 36px
Mobile: 60px


Black wordmark


White wordmark




Clear space for wordmark

Minimum size
Print: 0.75" (19mm) wide 
Desktop: 54px 
Mobile: 100px 

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Things to avoid

  • DON'T create your own DXC sub-brand, logo or word mark.

  • DON’T rotate the logo

  • DON’T skew, stretch or distort the logo

  • DON’T separate or rearrange the logo elements

  • DON’T re-color any part of the logo artwork

  • DON’T rotate the symbol

  • DON’T re-create your own logo artwork

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