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Primary color palette

The DXC color palette is bold and graphic, with a focus on black and white. Using the approved color palette consistently is crucial for communicating the DXC branding in every context. You will notice that we use the hierarchy of colors within our palette to create a distinct visual identity across all our branded communications.

Our DXC Black is intended to be a rich black. DXC Black should appear rich across all printed materials and substrates. Be sure to work with your print manager to ensure a consistent richness. The use of white is also very important in our branded communications as it it gives our designs space to breathe.

DXC Black
CMYK: 0/0/0/100
RGB: 0/0/0
HEX: #000000

Due to variants on press and different vendors, please work with your vendor to ensure a rich black is achieved, particularly when using heavy floods of black. All blacks within a single layout should look the same, but this does not necessarily mean they will have the same breakdown.

DXC White
CMYK: 0/0/0/0
RGB: 255/255/255
HEX: #fffff

Secondary and tertiary color palette

The DXC secondary palette is made up of DXC Silver and DXC Yellow. The use of DXC Silver is restricted to premium printed branded communications, and should only be applied as a spot color or foil. DXC Yellow is restricted to digital branded communications (for highlighting headings and callouts), infographics and data visualizations (when additional colors are required).

Please use the tertiary palette for infographics and data visualizations only. Because our system is predominantly black and white, “highlighter” colors should be used very sparingly. Infographics and data visualizations should have a balance of at least 80% grayscale and up to 20% color.

Secondary Palette

DXC Silver
Pantone 10105 C
Crown Foil #422

Restricted use:
Premium printed branded communications only

DXC Yellow
CMYK: 0/0/100/0
RGB: 255/237/0
HEX: #ffed00

Restricted use:
Highlighting in digital branded communications. Infographics and data visualizations

Tertiary Palette

DXC Blue
CMYK: 100/5/0/0
RGB: 0/201/255
HEX: #00c9ff

DXC Dark Gray
CMYK: 0/0/0/60
RGB: 102/102/102
HEX: #666666

Restricted use:
Infographics and data visualizations only 

DXC Green
CMYK: 44/0/100/0
RGB: 100/255/0
HEX: #64ff00

DXC Light Gray
CMYK: 0/0/0/15
RGB: 217/217/217
HEX: #d9d9d9

ADA color compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a high visual contrast between typography and backgrounds. To help ensure text legibility, only use the approved text color, background color and font size combinations detailed here. This applies to text in graphics, tables and charts as well as presentation slide body text.

How to use color

DO use the primary color palette in printed collateral

DO use the primary color palette on marketing campaign items, such as posters

DO use silver ink or foil for premiums and high-end printed applications

DO use the yellow highlight over black in digital applications

DO use the tertiary color palette for data visualization

Things to avoid

  • DON’T simulate silver in digital applications

  • DON’T use yellow for anything other than a highlight

  • DON’T use yellow or any other color for headlines in print

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